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Week of October 25, 2018
Battery Check: Tesla, Others Share Firm Results, But Can Rally Keep Going?
October 25, 2018 | Category: Daily Market Update | By: JJ Kinahan
A slight recovery appears to be brewing early Thursday after the huge sell-off late yesterday that took stocks back into the negative for 2018. Strong Tesla, Microsoft and Twitter earnings might lend support.
Your Financial Profile: Do Your Answers and Actions Match?
October 25, 2018 | Category: Managed Portfolios | By: Miranda Marquit
Portfolio managers often use questionnaires to help investors with asset allocation, but sometimes there's a disconnect between investors' answers and their real-life objectives and risk tolerance. Keith Denerstein of TD Ameritrade explains.
Rowing Your Own Boat: What Is a Solo 401(k) Plan?
October 24, 2018 | Category: Small Business | By: Christine Russell
Being your own boss doesn't preclude you from starting a 401(k) plan. This article outlines the pros and cons of a solo 401(k).
Pension Plans & 401(k): Defined Contribution vs Defined Benefit
October 23, 2018 | Category: Retirement Planning | By: Rebecca McClay
Pension plans and other defined-benefit plans may be going by the wayside, in favor of defined-contribution plans such as 401(k)s and IRAs. Learn why and what to do.
Election, Earnings, and Trade: What Could Impact Your Portfolio in November
October 19, 2018 | Category: Market Insights | By: JJ Kinahan
November is likely to continue the pattern of stock market volatility that began in October. Many investors seem focused on the U.S. mid-term elections, rising Treasury yields, and earnings season.


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