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Fall 2018
Issue No. 41
Three Indicators to Check Before the Trade
By: Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan
Trend direction and volatility are two variables an option trader relies on. Combining trend following, momentum, and trend reversal indicators on the thinkorswim platform may help you determine which direction prices may be moving and with how much momentum.  ...
Putting "Too Good to Be True" to Use
By: thinkMoney Authors
Traders sometimes talk glowingly about thrilling options trading strategies without considering the risks. There are some alternative strategies such as short out-of-the-money verticals that you could consider to better manage your risks.  ...
Pile on With Multi-Spread Organic Trading
By: thinkMoney Authors
Maybe volatility is low and you believe a breakout is about to happen. But you don't know which direction price will move. Or maybe you believe the markets are high and you don't know when they might fall. What options strategies could you trade?  ...
A Day in the Life … Of a Bond Trade
By: Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan
Trading bond futures may not be as risky as you think. A step-by-step guide that explains bond futures contract specs, pricing, and margin can go a long way. Walk through a 10-day bond trade and get a feel for day-to-day price action in the bond futures markets.  ...
Four Big Myths About Volatility and How to Debunk Them
By: thinkMoney Authors
When markets are volatile you may hear the media come up with different explanations. But how reliable is that information? There are four myths about volatility you may often hear and why they may not necessarily be true.  ...
Vol Whisperer: Volatility Watch
By: thinkMoney Authors
The VIX often makes explosive moves. What do these types of moves mean?  ...
Return On Capital: The Great Decider
By: Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan
Return on capital when trading options is different than return on capital when managing investments. Here's what return on capital means to an options trader.  ...


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