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Week of January 07, 2019
Four and Out? Win Streak At Risk As China Optimism Ebbs, Retailers Swoon
January 10, 2019 | Category: Daily Market Update | By: JJ Kinahan
Have a Stress-Free Filing: Use Our 2018 Tax Checklist
January 10, 2019 | Category: Tax Strategy | By: Debbie Carlson
Ready to start your tax preparation? Keep these five things in mind. And refer to the checklist as you prepare.
IRA Tax Deduction: Know Your IRA Types & Tax Considerations
January 09, 2019 | Category: IRA & 401k Plans | By: Dara Luber
Learn the rules around IRA deductions for this year. What are the different types of IRAs, and how do I choose the best one for me? Learn more at TD Ameritrade.
Go Paperless: Tax Forms With E-Delivery from TD Ameritrade
January 08, 2019 | Category: Income Tax | By: Debbie Carlson
Reduce your carbon footprint and clear out your filing cabinet. Going paperless with e-delivery of your tax forms can streamline your tax season.
Portfolio Theory for the Little Guy
January 07, 2019 | Category: thinkMoney Magazine | By: thinkMoney Authors
Options traders with smaller accounts may be able to manage their portfolios like a portfolio manager. Long call verticals, short put verticals, and long call diagonals can help expand an option trader's thinking beyond their trading account and look like a pro.
Small Business 401(k): Helping You and Your Employees Save More For the Future
January 04, 2019 | Category: Small Business | By: Ticker Tape Editors
Small business owners and self-employed workers concerned about retirement investing should consider specialized IRA plans.


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