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Week of January 28, 2019
After Dinner With the Fed, Earnings for Breakfast: Results Keep Flooding In
January 31, 2019 | Category: Daily Market Update | By: JJ Kinahan
After the Fed left rates unchanged yesterday, investors wake up to a fresh batch of earnings hot off the press. Microsoft and Facebook are among them, and Amazon comes later today.
Ready, Aim, FIRE: Financial Independence, Retire Early?
January 31, 2019 | Category: Retirement Planning | By: Miranda Marquit
The financial independence movement is picking up steam. But is a FIRE retirement just a buzzword? Here's what you need to know.
Tax Deductions: Should I Take the Standard Deduction or Itemize?
January 30, 2019 | Category: Income Tax | By: Dayton Lowrey
Tax deductions: standard or itemized? With recent tax law changes, which decision makes sense for you? Learn more at TD Ameritrade.
How to Tell If a Financial Advisor Is Right for You
January 29, 2019 | Category: Savings Goals | By: Keith Denerstein
Do you have the right financial advisor? Learn some of the key traits of a great financial advisor and some of the warning signs that may suggest you choose a different financial advisor.
Don't Get Blindsided: The Importance of Tax Return Estimators
January 28, 2019 | Category: Income Tax | By: Debbie Carlson
Learn how to forecast your potential tax bill or refund with a tax estimator.
Nearing Retirement? 4 Ways to Prepare for Taxes
January 25, 2019 | Category: Tax Strategy | By: Christine Russell
Learn tips for retirement tax planning.


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