Viewpoints: Savvy year-end tax moves

November 21, 2019
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WEEKLY EDITION: November 21, 2019
Savvy year-end tax moves
Savvy year-end tax moves
Don't miss the chance to reduce your 2019 taxes by acting before the end of the year.

Want income and downside protection?
This bond fund team has crafted a strategy that's delivered both for 25 years.

2 megatrends that continue to drive tech
Fidelity's Jean Park sees more growth ahead for tech, driven by cloud computing and 5G.

Late cycle: Lower earnings, trade tensions
Economic headwinds may stir up volatility in investment markets.

Year-end strategies for charitable giving
Consider these 5 ways to make your giving go further this year.

Give the gift of education
Instead of toys and games, why not ask for a contribution to a 529 savings account? It's a gift that can have a lasting impact.
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Family and money
Learn how to have important family discussions about health, wealth, and legacy plans.
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