Viewpoints: When to claim Social Security?

May 21, 2020
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WEEKLY EDITION: May 21, 2020
When to claim Social Security?
When to claim Social Security?
Financial planning can help you decide the best time to start benefits.

How might today's stimulus shape the future?
History suggests where zero interest rates and big spending may lead.

Global economy firmly in recession
Monetary and fiscal stimulus has helped. But the path of the virus may be key.

Ways to invest in your health savings account
Know the type of HSA user you are to help make your money work harder.

Insights from Fidelity pros: What's next for housing
Neil Nabar believes housing could hold up amid broader economic fears.

Weekly market update
Get our expert analysis of how and why the markets bounced back so quickly—and what it means to you.
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Understanding Medicare
Separate facts from fiction with this series of short video segments that can help you get more out of Medicare.
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