Viewpoints: The post-COVID rebound takes shape

The economy may have 1 to 2 years of strong growth ahead.


WEEKLY EDITION: April 01, 2021

The post-COVID rebound takes shape

A spring in the economy's step: Parallels between today and the post-WWII period may give hints at the shape of the post-COVID rebound. Those parallels include pent-up consumer demand, accommodative policies, and a banking system that's ready to lend. If the parallel holds, we could see 1 to 2 years of strong growth and inflation.

3 tricks for choosing investments

The right investment mix for you: Focusing on 3 main factors may help you find an investment mix you can stick with for the long haul: your emotional tolerance for risk, your financial ability to take on risk, and your time horizon. Learn how to home in on these factors.

Outlook for gold and oil

Calmer commodities: Prices for gold and oil have returned to more normal territories after extreme swings in 2020. Looking ahead, there could be a long-term bullish case for gold if the US dollar weakens. Oil prices, meanwhile, remain closely tied to the pace of economic recovery.

Leisure stocks look attractive

Raring to go: Leisure stocks could be poised to profit as consumers start venturing out for bars, travel, and entertainment again. Fidelity's Sam Chamovitz has increased his fund's stake in restaurants, food distribution companies, and hotels.

RMDs are back

Time to get organized: RMDs are back this year (after a hiatus in 2020). If you're 72 or older, that means you should take any required withdrawals by December 31 to avoid penalties. Find out what you need to know.


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