Viewpoints: 9 reasons to consider a Roth IRA

January 24, 2019
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WEEKLY EDITION: January 24, 2019
9 reasons to consider a Roth IRA
9 reasons to consider a Roth IRA
Get tax-free growth potential, tax-free withdrawals, and even more.

What a shutdown means for investors
The longest shutdown in US history may weigh on sentiment, but hasn't changed the overall economic outlook—yet.

Sectors: Winners and losers
Sector outlooks have shifted after a turbulent finish for 2018. Find out more in Fidelity's sector scorecard.

How long-term care planning can help
Making plans for your care later in life is a valuable gift you can give your family.

Save on tax prep services
Fidelity is pleased to offer special discounts on TurboTax®, H&R Block®, and TaxAct® to help you prepare your tax return.
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