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Winter 2019
Issue No. 42
Cool Tools You Should Know
By: thinkMoney Authors
Useful thinkorswim tools you can use are the OnDemand feature and the yield curve. OnDemand gives allows you to watch a replay of price action so you can better analyze price action. Keep an eye on the yield curve to see if it is flattening or steepening ...
Calendar vs. Butterfly: The Ultimate Premium Smackdown
By: Kevin Lund
Calendars and butterfly strategies may look similar but they have their differences. Why would you choose one over the other?
Annual Vol is Nice. What About Tomorrow?
By: thinkMoney Authors
Volatility data is focused on the long term. Traders are focused on the short term. There is a way to convert volatility data so it can be useful for the trader ...
Portfolio Theory for the Little Guy
By: thinkMoney Authors
Options traders with smaller accounts may be able to manage their portfolios like a portfolio manager. Long call verticals, short put verticals, and long call diagonals can help expand an option trader's thinking beyond their trading account and look like a pro.
The Hidden Risks of Index Trading
By: thinkMoney Authors
SPX and S&P 500 futures don't always move up and down together. Which one should you look at if you want to know what the market might be doing?
Five Chart Patterns for Momo Traders
By: Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan
Traders may live for momentum but finding it is another story. Gaps, rectangles, flags, head and shoulders, and triple top chart patterns could help you figure out which way prices could move and with how much momentum.
How to Save a Bear in a Herd of Bulls
By: thinkMoney Authors
Big changes in stock prices can happen anytime, which is why option traders need a risk management strategy in place to withstand persistent rallies and potentially profit if and when a selloff happens.


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