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Week of February 11, 2019
Valentine's Card: Market Up 17% Since Christmas Eve, But Weak Data Could Weigh
February 14, 2019 | Category: Daily Market Update | By: JJ Kinahan
A weak retail sales report appeared to temporarily halt the rally early Thursday as investors might get worried about consumer sentiment.
What to Do with Extra Money: 5 Ways to Put It to Work for You
February 14, 2019 | Category: Household Finances | By: Dara Luber
Bonus, tax refund, inheritance, or other unexpected windfall? Here are 5 ways you could splurge on your financial self.
The Dividend Dilemma: Should You Reinvest or Take the Cash?
February 13, 2019 | Category: Portfolio Strategy | By: Rebecca McClay
Dividend reinvesting can be a powerful compounding tool, but you might consider taking the income for other purposes.
Fixed Income: Trying to Make Your Money Last in Retirement
February 12, 2019 | Category: Portfolio Management | By: Dan Rosenberg
Lifespans are increasing, potentially making fixed-income investments essential for retirees and near-retirees who need to generate reliable income.
Life Happens: Retirement Planning for the Unexpected
February 11, 2019 | Category: Retirement Planning | By: Dan Rosenberg
Unexpected events can get in the way as you prepare for and enter retirement. Here are some tips on how to try and mitigate their potential impact.
Leveraged Loan Market: An Emerging Risk in 2019?
February 08, 2019 | Category: Market Insights | By: North VanHooser
Structural changes in the loan market over the last decade have shifted many loans from the balance sheets of big banks to those of institutional and retail investors. What risks might these loans pose to investors?


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