Viewpoints: What to do with your cash

How to earn more on your cash. Plus, tips on caregiving, retirement, bargain energy investments, and more.


WEEKLY EDITION: March 25, 2021

What to do with your cash

Have cash saved for an emergency or short-term goal? You can still put it to work. Options that are safer than stocks include savings accounts, money market mutual funds, certificates of deposit, short-duration bonds, and bond funds. The best choice for your situation will depend on your goals, time frame, and risk tolerance.

Competing priorities: Kids and aging parents

If you're squeezed between the needs of children and aging parents, building a strong financial foundation is key. That might mean prioritizing your emergency fund, living a low-debt lifestyle, and fully funding your retirement savings. Also key: Talking to your parents and kids about financial realities early on, before a crisis comes up.

Retirement math: When to retire?

The age you choose to retire will affect how much you're able to save. But that age can also affect how many years you spend in retirement, your Social Security payout, and how long your portfolio has to potentially grow. See how a financial professional may be able to walk you through the numbers on this complex decision.

Where to find energy bargains now

Looking for bargains in energy? Consider exploration & production names or diversified shale-related companies, says Fidelity's portfolio manager, Peter Belisle.

Do founder-led companies have an edge?

Some investors believe founders may bring a unique long-term view and entrepreneurial spirit to their companies, due to the significant financial and emotional investments they may have in a company's success. You can find founder-led companies or ETFs that invest in them with Fidelity screeners.


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