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While the pandemic has shed light on the brilliance of our healthcare system, it has also exposed its many challenges and incredible disparities.

Earlier this year, we launched Morgan Health, a new business unit with the mission to improve the quality, cost and equity of employer-sponsored healthcare by building a strong, coordinated healthcare model. While our current focus is on JPMorgan Chase employees and families, our long-term goal is to scale coordinated care models for other employers that drive innovation in broader healthcare markets.

Today, we’re excited to announce a $50 million investment in Vera Whole Health, our very first investment in coordinated care. Vera is transforming how patients engage with healthcare, how providers deliver care, and how employers pay for care – with a model that is centered on whole person healthcare.

We’re focusing on coordinated care because it’s proven to improve outcomes and reduce costs for patients by deploying better primary care, while aligning financial incentives and moving away from a traditional fee-for-service approach. Coordinated care can also play a powerful role in improving health equity. As part of this investment with Vera, we are focusing on improving access to quality healthcare for patients by measuring and incentivizing providers to address health disparities.

While much works remains to be done, we’re excited to have our first stake in the ground to begin scaling models for coordinated care. Thanks for your continued interest and partnership, we look forward to sharing more about our work at Morgan Health in the future.


Peter and Dan

Peter Scher
Vice Chairman
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Dan Mendelson
CEO of Morgan Health
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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